Cat Behavior

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Territorial behavior

Unaltered cats have a rather strong territorial behavior, especially the males. The male cat is known to expand his territory as a sign of dominance and will defend it aggressively. Female cats will also defend her territory though they go about it rather discreetly and doesn’t expand as much as the males.



Cats will spray, rub their heads or paws against an object that they wish to proclaim as a part of their territory. I’m sure you must have noticed your cat rubbing its head against a chair, table etc or heck, even rubbing its head against your legs a few times, right? Your cat is actually releasing glands that contain traces of scent as a way to mark its territory. This is also one of the reasons why, a cat likes to scratch furniture, trees and post. Not only scratching is a fun activity for cats, they also leave scent glands on the object as territorial mark.



Now, I'm sure you will agree that rubbing or scratching for territorial marking is not a problem, though the latter may damage the owner’s precious furniture, this can easily be solved by purchasing a decent scratching post for the cat. The most annoying, nausea inducing problem is the spraying, especially among cats that have not been neutered. Boy oh boy…The odor can cause serious discomfort however it won’t stink as much, if the cat has been neutered.


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