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stop cat peeing

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Now if you decide to feed your cat commercial cat food exclusively, then you need to be certain what type of meat is actually served in that particular cat food. Never purchase cat food that does not say what kind of meat, is actually in the  food. There must be a specific type of meal indicated i. e.. fish, turkey, chicken, beef, sardine, etc. If a cat food does not provide a specific type of meat, this means that the ‘meat’ contain in the cat food, was derived from questionable sources such as:


  • Bone meal and meat by-products – Bones from dead animals or certain parts of an animal that have been discarded i. e.. as chicken heart, hair, feet, guts, etc. Not only do these parts of an animal provide zero nutrition value, they may also contain deadly diseases that can seriously jeopardize your cat’s health. Heck it may contain road kill or even parts of dead cats and dogs! Yuck! Seriously, this is no joke.


Also avoid cat food that list ‘animal fat’ as part of its contents. Again, it is critical that you know the exact source from which the fat was derived from. I’m not saying that you must omit fat completely from your cat’s diet as fat is the 2nd major source of energy, and should be included in your cat's diet. Chicken fat for example is highly beneficial but fat derived from by-products, can make a cat ill. Corn (and its variations i. e.. corn meal, corn gluten, whole wheat flour, whole grain corn), soy, and wheat must be avoided all cost. Cats are not able to digest these materials properly. Over a period of time, it may cause severe damage to a cat’s kidney, stomach and immune system. You might also want to check out the Missing Link. Its a food supplement designed to target the nutritional gap, between natural foods and commercial cat foods. If you've been feeding your cat processed foods most of the time, try supplementing it with The Missing Link formula since its rich with unprocessed nutrient. I use it every now and then and a bag cost about 12 dollars, have a look: The Missing Link Feline Formula™ for Cats - 6 oz Bag   On a separate note, be sure to add some biscuits when serving canned food so that your cat can exercise its jaws while eating.




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