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Cat Nutrition

how to treat your cat at home

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Sources of food


Some cat owners will opt for fresh wet food to feed their cats while others will only swear by commercial cat food. Although in terms of convenience, commercial cat food is the clear winner, fresh food should never be ignored. Wet foods like meat, chicken, fish, etc helps your cat to exercise and develop stronger jaws and teeth, while providing fresh nutrients at the same time. After all, not all commercial cat foods are healthy because some manufacturers are keener on saving cost, rather than offering healthy nutritious food for your cat. To some manufacturers cat nutrition should take a backseat to profits. 



Anyway, wet food contains fresh nutrients, however, always have it cooked before serving to your cat. When I say cooked, I don’t mean by a specially prepared meal where you toss in a few slices of onions, mozzarella cheese, garlic, pepper, chili, 273 special herbs and spices and what have you, then serve it your cat. Cats don’t really give a hoot about all that stuff, making this type of meal for your cat is not only a waste of time and money, it will also make your cat die 9 times...Powerful smell like boiled fish or chicken, is more than enough to whet the cat’s appetite ok. I personally offer both types of food to my cats, sometimes I even combine both to add variety.



I would boil a few pieces of chicken or fish, then mix them together with the cat food. You can also grill, steam, or bake the raw foods but I find boiling to be the most simple and convenient method. Whichever method you may decide on, always ensure that you cook the wet food to kill bacteria that can cause health problems, avoid serving raw wet food. If you choose to boil, please ensure that you do not over-boil the food as it may:


  1. Destroy or reduce nutrient level.
  2. Soften the wet food excessively thus defeating the purpose of exercising the cat’s jaws.
  3. Decrease the smell or taste.


Also please take note that if you wish to serve wet food, or specifically raw meat (fish, chicken, beef, lamb, etc) on its own, do supplement with carbohydrates-rich food, like rice to make it into a complete meal. What I mean by complete is that all 3 major nutrients are included like proteins, carbohydrates and fat. Proteins and fat are derived from the meat itself, while rice will provide carbs, the main source of fuel for energy. I highly recommend that you feed your cat sardines, pilchards or any other oily fish on a weekly basis. Trust me, oily fish rocks! I have noticed a tremendous improvement in some of my cats overall health condition, after feeding them oily fish like sardines and salmon a couple of times a week. The most noticeable improvement is the quality of their coat, which was slightly rough before I got them on oily fish diet.


If you find it hard to provide oily fish for your cat on a weekly basis, you might want to try a salmon oil supplement. Here's a very good salmon oil supplement that I regularly use for my cats, and they're looking healthier than ever! Healthy Skin & Heart Salmon Oil™ for Cats


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