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  • Check the ears

If you happen to catch your cat scratching at the ears and shaking the head every so often, plus a brown waxy like deposit visible in the ears that means it has ear mites. Again, get your cat to the vet or get an ear mite treatment.





  •  Check the eyes

Eyes should be clear as day with no sign of redness in as well as around  the eye. Please also be aware if the eyelid appears by itself. This indicates that a prompt visit to the vet must be in order. Also ensure that the eyes are not swollen and no pinkish mark are visible, under or around the eyes like the below image. These are indications of an eye infection. I highly recommend that you use this eye treatment to prevent and cure infections. I can't tell you how many times this stuff has helped cure my cats eye infection. Remember folks, don't dilly-dally if you notice any of the signs that I mentioned because eye infection if neglected, would cause serious damage to your cat's precious eyesight.


Redness around the eye as indicated above is probably

due to virus and bacteria infection, foreign material or even cat flu.                                                                                                       





Don’t panic if you find your cat vomiting. Perhaps your cat gorges its food too quickly or may have accidentally eaten grass or some crap like that. I saw my cat vomit grass a couple of times and she seems to be fine so don’t worry too much about it. Light vomiting is ok but if the vomiting persists, you guess it right my friend…A trip to the vet. J. Oh yeah, note if your cat vomits after a meal, this would usually mean that it is suffering from hairballs. Have a look at the vomit and see whether there are traces of hair or fur in it.




Cats shed its hair all the time. Even the most healthiest cat with strong, beautiful and majestic coat sheds hair all year long. And it so happens that cats would sometimes swallow the hair by accident when grooming themselves.


Too much hair swallowed = blockage of the digestive system = hairballs = vomiting + constipation + straining bowel movement!


That is why its very important that you groom your cat regularly, it reduces the chance of getting hairballs. If hairball is a common issue on your cat, try this hairball treament. Works like a charm!


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