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Cat Health Care



Sick cat symptoms

how to treat your cat at home

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You cat looks down, gloomy or its been a whole day but it still won't touch or sniff its food. There's something wrong with your precious feline friend alright, but you are not 100% sure whether to bring the it to the vet, could be a false alarm. Sure your little furry ball of a friend looks a little down and gloomy. Perhaps you failed to devote a little time pampering and playing with it. So the cat is not exactly sick, its just sad. It misses you, I suppose the cat is heartsick but hardly any reason to call the vet, just tweak your schedule a little and problem solved. The cat's not eating? Hardly a cause for concern unless it hasn't eaten for 2 or 3 days in a row. Maybe you've been serving the same type of food or the same flavor, your cat is probably sick of eating the same dish, day in day out. The cat is probably yearning for a few changes in the daily menu. Try the sources of food section for some tips on how to add variety to your cat's diet.  You really want to know some sick cat symptoms to help you determine, whether its time to pay the vet a visit or the online store for medications? Read on...




  •  Check The Coat

A cat with rough, messy coat and with the fur standing up in a weird sort of way normally indicates that the cat is not in a good health condition. The coat should be shiny and gleaming like with no rough patches and with little or no fleas at all. Now a few fleas here and there does not mean your cat is sick. It just means that you need to shampoo your cat every now and then.. Also the fur should have a warm natural scent to it. Keep your cat’s diet in check and your cat could have that shiny and healthy looking coat in no time.



  • Check the nose

The leather part of the nose must be warm with a little bit of moist to it. Don’t forget to take note of your cat’s breathing as well. No snorting or rasping sound coming from your cat as this shows that it is sick and has to be brought to the vet for a check up.




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