Cat Nutrition

how to treat your cat at home

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Nutrition for special needs


Certain cats may require a special type of diet tailored specifically to their needs and the circumstances they are involved in. Now the information that I’m presenting below is just a general guideline and with that being said, you should consult the vet to determine the exact quantity of food or diet, that is most appropriate especially for point no 3 & 4.


  1. Kittens that are 3 months old but no older than 7 months.
  2. Pregnant or nursing cats.
  3. Elderly cats.
  4. Sick cats.


Ok, let's go for a more in depth explanation from each of the above list. Kindly click the links below :



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Nutrition for older cat advice



Sick Cats


Nutrition for cats that are sick largely depends on what type of illness they are suffering from. For example a cat that has been infected by the feline flu, will most likely suffer from loss of appetite, and need to be force fed with a syringe every few hours. Consult the vet to determine the right foods and feeding frequency based on the cat’s illness.




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