Nutrition for older cat

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You're probably well aware that cats are carnivores, therefore protein rich meat ( beef, lamb, fish, chicken, etc ) should be served in every meal. Kittens and adult cats require a significant amount of protein to develop and maintain muscle tissues, older cats on the other hand, require less.  Too much protein will damage their aging body particularly the kidney and liver. Ok, let me explain, once the cat consumes food that contains protein, its digestive system will start breaking down the proteins, so the body can absorb nutrients efficiently. Toxic by-products are produced during the protein breakdown process, so the kidney and liver are responsible for removing toxins from the cat’s body through feces or urine.


Cats aged 10 years or more are considered older cats so at this point, some if not most of their internal organs, doesn’t work as good as they were back in their younger days. Feeding older cat too much protein will place a huge burden to its kidney and liver, thus making it hard for the cat's body to flush out toxins during the protein breakdown stage . In some cases, the older cat’s kidney does not even work at all forcing its body to remove the toxins through urinating. So if you have an older cat at home, please make sure you decrease its protein intake. You should also get some kind of liver aid for your senior cat. Here's a very good liver aid that I use on my senior cat ( that's his image below btw ).


 Nutrition for older cat


 Provide foods that are soft because the older cat’s teeth are not as strong as it used to be. In fact some older cats may have lost some, if not most of their teeth. Now I'm pretty sure that prosthetic teeth for cats have not been invented yet, which is all the more reason to give them food that is soft like canned cat food. They tend to be high in protein though, but there are a few cat food brands that are made specifically for cats in this age group, also try checking with the vet. The vet will assess the current condition of the older cat, and then prescribe what type of food is most appropriate for it.


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