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Feeding a cat


Alright now, as mentioned in the main page of cat nutrition section, the cat can digest up to 90 percent of fat that it consumes. However, this does not mean that you can simply stuff your cat with all sorts of food all time. If you do so, you might end up with a cat that could qualify for the sumo wrestling championship. The fact is obesity is a common occurrence among cats and here are the 2 main reasons that are causing this:


  1. The owner.
  2. Genetics.

Feeding a cat


       Overfeeding may result in the above.


The owner seems to be the culprit in most cases, my included. I use to feed my cats 4 times a day and within a month or so, they became so huuuge! It was really crazy ok, and from that moment on, I stop feeding them as much. The vet suggested that I feed my cats a twice a day. Two big meals a day is more than enough for a normal cat with no health condition, so make sure that you do not over feed your cats. I'm sure that you don't want your cat to be like the above. Feed your cat twice daily, that’s it. Give your cat one big meal in the morning and another meal in the evening. You may throw in a snack or two in between but keep it to a minimum, like maybe once or twice per week. I know it can be a real pain especially, when your cat starts to meow softly and brushing its head against your leg, begging you to throw in some snacks or make you open another can of cat food. Do not give in! You must be strong, do not give in I say! You must not let them win! Feeding them twice per day should suffice and it is for their own good too. There are exceptions of course especially for cats that require special care such as:



  1. Kittens that are 3 months old but no older than 7 months.
  2. Pregnant or nursing cats.
  3. Sick cats.
  4. Elderly cats.




Feeding a stray cat


If you are thinking of bringing a stray cat into your home and feeding it with plenty of delicious cat food, a couple of things that you may want look into before doing so:


  1. If you already own a cat, do not feed the stray cat in the same room or place, with your existing cat. As the words of wisdom from the Offspring refers, " you gotta keep em separated "....In fact, don't even allow them to be together at all, until you get the stray cat to a vet for check up, in case it has a viral disease that may infect the existing cat.
  2. Stick to the twice a day frequency when feeding a stray cat, regardless of how hungry the cat is. Don't mean to be cruel or anything, but as long as each meal contains enough proteins and carbs, the cat should be fine. How much is enough you ask? Ahhh, just throw in 1 tablespoon ( tbs ) of wet cat food if its a kitten, an adult on the other hand, may need a little more so just add another couple of tbs, and mix in some biscuits as well, that should make the cat full till Christmas... 

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