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stop cat peeing

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2. Is there a particular colour or pattern that u like?


It really depends on your preference.  A particular color or pattern has no bearing on the cat's overall health or behavior. Although a cat with snow white coat tends to get dirty easily, especially if the cat likes to play outside, though a nice warm bath should take care of that. However, if you’re looking for a cat with green or purple color coat,  I wish you the best of luck! Although you can purchase a bottle of hair dye with those colours, so that you can make your cat have that punk rock look.  Please do not try this unless you're a lunatic.


 Choosing a cat : Short haired cats are easier to groom.

Apparently, these two are Michael Jackson fans.



3. What about gender and age?


There is not much difference between male and female behavioral wise.  It is said that a male cat that has been neutered, is more lazy or more inactive compared to their female counterpart, which is a good thing by the way because from my experience, taking care of an adult male cat is a bit harder due to its strong territorial behavior. Yes, female cats have territorial behavior too (cats are territorial by nature), but this behavior is more prominent  in unneutered males cats. The male cats tend to go outside a lot more in order to mark and expand its territory, thus exposing itself to many hazardous risks, and causing the owner to worry at the same time. So its really great that neutering will make it more inactive, so we owners won't have to worry so much. Just be sure to check on the cat's diet, inactivity combined with too much food will produce unpleasant results.





Anyway it all comes down to personal preference but from my experience, if you already have a cat in your home, I recommend choosing a cat of an opposite sex to the one that you already have. Let’s say you already have a male cat at home, get a female one as your new cat. This is due to the cat that has established itself in your home will be more aggressive towards a cat with similar gender.



As for age, you can decide to opt for either an adult cat or a little kitten. It is somewhat easier to make an adult cat feel comfortable at a new home. Since an adult cat is more matured, it is more likely to have an established temperament. If you decide to have a kitten instead, be prepared to provide a little extra care and attention. On the flip side, you would have a fresh start and it is such a joy to observe, and be a part of your pet’s transition from a cute little kitten to a healthy adult cat.

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