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Choosing a cat

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Cats are very cute and they are pretty much independent and therefore don’t have to be taken for walks, they self-clean and self exercise as well. They can also live with other domestic pets but of course, this really depends on their character. If you choose a cat that happens to be anti social by nature, a little effort on your part is required to make the cat feels at ease with other domestic pets. It can be difficult but definitely possible.


Now the choice of cat depends on one’s preference of course, and to help you make an decide, I've prepared 3 simple but important questions that you need to ask yourself, before choosing a cat:


  1. Short fur or long fur?
  2. Is there a particular colour or pattern that you like?                                                                            
  3. What about gender and age?


Ok , let’s go through the questions to have a clearer picture on what type of cat is suitable for you.



1. Short fur or long fur?


Short fur is generally easier to maintain compared to long fur but some folks prefer choosing a cat with long fur because they look pretty, coat wise or to participate in cat show competitions. However, if you happen to fancy a cat because it has a cute face ( like me ) then this is not an issue. So pick long fur if:


  • You can allocate some time every single day grooming the cat. Since it has long fur, it is more susceptible to matting and  tangles.
  • Your home is air-conditioned and you are living in a humid climate ( like me ). Otherwise the heat can make a long hair cat uncomfortable and it will start meowing non-stop, driving you nuts. When they do that you know, that it is actually saying “ Please buy an air-cond master.”

Oh yeah, i would like to remind you that in case, you wish to choose a cat that is a little on the hairless side, such as the sphynx, please make sure that you keep the cat in a well heated environment during cold winters. The sphynx has no coat so its virtually impossible for the cat to keep itself warm especially in cold weather.


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