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Tapeworms are pretty easy to spot as they look like grains of rice and will normally attach themselves beneath the tail or around the anus of a cat. Like hookworms and roundworms, it is also transmitted when the cat consumes animal that have been infested like fleas, rodents and also birds. Typically, tapeworms infect cats via fleas that live on the cat’s body. That is why getting rid of cat fleas is crucial to eliminate tapeworms infestation. Tapeworms do not cause serious health problems to your cat and severe infestation would normally result in diarrhea.




  • Diarrhea


Cat ringworms

Cat ringworms is a skin disease which generally affects younger cats usually no more than 12 months old and contrary to the name, the culprit is in fact a fungal not a worm. Since younger cats that are under a year old have not fully develop immune system, therefore cats in this age group are most susceptible to this skin infection. A cat may get infected by ringworm via the following


  • Furniture, bedding, grooming supplies which have been contaminated.
  • Direct physical contact with other animals which have been infected.
Cat ringworms symptoms


  • Spots of fur loss that are circular in shape but depending on severity, the shapes might look rather organic and can be seen all over the cat’s body.
  • Rough and flaky skin. 
  • Patchy spots that are grey and red in colour.
  • Your cat keeps scratching at a particular area of the body often.

Ringmworm can be treated by using either an anti-fungal shampoo or Ring-Ex. Use the latter for quick results.

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