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how to treat your cat at home

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Cat Health Care



Cat worms



There are 2 different groups of internal parasites


  1. Roundworms.
  2. Tapeworms.
Cat Roundworms


The most common of cat worms, is the round worms. It can be quite difficult to detect infestations if it does not cause severe amount of damage to the cat. Animals such as birds, slugs, rodents and cockroaches are common host for cat roundworms larvae. A cat can get infected by consuming one of these animals. Some of my cats have a thing for cockroaches. They like to chase rats and cockroaches around the house, beat them silly, put it in their mouths and then spit it back out, you know how crazy cats can be. In the beginning I had no problems with this silly habit, it wasn't until I discovered how roundworms were transmitted, that I decided to forbade my cats from playing with cockroaches. I hope you do the same too. If you see your cat playing or trying to consume the animals mentioned above, please intervene immediately, just throw the bloody thing in the dustbin, flush it down the toilet or whatever. Anyway roundworms can be seen in cat’s vomit or feces and they look like pieces of noodles. Please take note that cat roundworms can be transmitted to humans as well, therefore may I suggest that you exercise proper hygiene by washing your hands thoroughly, after holding your cat, or when cleaning the litter box. Please also make sure that you deworm your cat regularly or use the following herbal solution: Parasite Dr. Natural Treatment of Feline and Canine Parasites. Its extremely effective but I had a pretty hard time feeding it to my cat so you might want to open the capsule first, take half of contents and blend it together with your cat's favorite wet food. Be sure to store the remaining contents in a little jar for future use.




 Roundworm symptoms


  • Bloated abdomen or pot belly
  • Dull and harsh fur.
  • Diarrhea
  • Uncomfortable appearance.


Cat Hookworms


This is another common internal parasite that affects a cat. The intestine of a cat is where the hookworms will attach themselves and suck the cat’s blood. The cat will also suffer from diarrhea and anaemia when infected by hookworms and depending on the severity of the infestation, it may lead to death especially for kittens. Cat hookworms are transmitted by consuming rodents, snails, birds or any other animals which have been infested. It is possible for mothers which have been infected by ringworms to transmit the disease to its newborn kittens. Be aware of this and have both the kitten and its mother dewormed. Cat hookworms are also capable of piercing thorough the surface of a human skin and this will result in a disease widely known as creeping eruption which may cause severe itching. Don’t worry about it though; it can be treated by applying ointment which you can get at the nearest pharmacy. Condition will appear normal again after a few weeks or so.


Cat hookworms symptoms


  • Diarrhea
  • Extremely pale gums.
  • Sudden and excessive lost of weight.
  • Bloody stools. 


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