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Apart from vaccination and neutering, providing a well balanced diet, is one of the most important things you can do for your cat to ensure that it lives a long, and healthier life. Do you wish your cat to have a nice, sleek and beautiful lovely coat with no shedding? Pay attention to your cat nutrition needs by formulating a well balanced diet and a sweet, clean looking fur coat will appear on your cat's body like magic! Seriously folks, some people thinks that when a cat has a rough, bland looking coat or excessive shedding, the reason could be due to a skin disease or some other similar illness.

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Although this may be true, only to a certain extent however, as I feel that in most cases, the reason a cat has dull and rough looking coat is because its nutritional needs was neglected somewhat. Now, a well balanced diet should consist of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals, what a surprise eh? Ideally meat should be the main ingredient in your cat’s diet because after all, cats are carnivores, a vegetarian diet is an absolute no-no. Meat also provides the cat with proteins which are essential for:


  • Muscle growth and strength.
  • Muscle repair.




Always feed your cat high quality, protein rich- foods regularly. This will enable your cat to grow and maintain its muscle tissues and at the same time decrease the chances of weight loss. Only elderly cats are exempted from protein rich diet, because too much protein can cause more harm than good to their body. Older cats are considered as specials cases thereby their nutritional needs and diet structure, must be different from younger cats. Feel free check the nutrition for older cat section, for more in depth information. Now we go to carbohydrates (carbs), which happens to be the no1 energy source for cats, and most animals on this planet too by the way.



Most manufactures will include carbs in their cat foods as it is a cheaper source of energy compared to proteins. Be careful though, some manufactures can be sneaky by adding corn or wheat, in their cat food and claiming them to be a good source of carbohydrates. Don’t be fooled by this because corn and wheat, can cause big time damage to your cat in the long term, more on this later. Fat is the no 2 source of energy and a cat is capable of digesting up to 90 percent of fat that it has eaten! Any extra fat that the cat fails to digest will be stored under the skin, which acts like a heater to keep the cat warm as well as protecting the cat’s internal organs from diseases.



Water intake


Cats don’t really drink much since both type of foods already contain a lot of water, but do place a bowl anyway, preferably near where your cat usually dines. Please note that if you happen to own a cat that likes to eat dry food exclusively, a bowl of fresh water is an absolute must as this type of food do not contain much water.





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