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stop cat peeing

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  • Decrease chances of involving in traffic accidents. – Cats especially the males have a very strong tendency to wander out of the house compound. It is understandable of course, cats are curious and adventurous by nature. They love to sleep under cars, buses, vans, etc or roaming along the streets where they might end up getting run over. Some cats are wiser than others, they are aware that moving vehicles pose life threatening risk, but some needs to have their head examined because they love to chase moving vehicles! No kidding, one of my cats likes to chase cars and motorcycles. So neutering will make the cat less daring, adventurous but more boring. Which is a good thing if you wish to improve your cat's chances of celebrating its 10th , 15th or even its 20th birthday!



  • Decrease chances of getting lost, infections and other ailments. – Same as above. Less wandering equals less probability of picking up infections, unwanted ailments as well as getting lost.


  • Prevent reproduction/ Overpopulation – Too many stray cats are roaming the streets due to irresponsible owners who refuse to neuter their cats. Abandoned cats usually do not survive long and most will die, before reaching the age of 5 as the cat’s immune system and overall health, are constantly at risk due to harsh conditions that they have to endure when living on the streets. Other life threatening risk includes traffic accidents, wild dogs and fights with other stray cats. Some owner would wait until the newborn kittens to grow up a little bit before dumping them on the streets and some even dump them right away! Heck, some selfish dumb owners would pick a house that they know, would never turn an abandoned cat away, so they dump their cats right in front of the gate of that particular house. Please don’t be like these morons; neutering your cat is the best solution for controlling the overpopulation of stray cats.  

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