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Cat Health Care

how to treat your cat at home

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Cat neutering


Neutering or altering is an operation process that prohibits cats from reproducing. This operation is beneficial to both, the cat and the owner. The process of neutering male cats is called castration while female cats it is called spaying.



Benefits :


  • Greatly decrease the habit of spraying. - Male cats like to spray urine all over the place as a way to mark its territory, while female cats spray to attract male cats. I'm sure you'll agree with me that spraying is a stinky rotten behavior. You can actually prevent this stinky rotten behavior from becoming a permanent habit, by castrating the male cat or spaying for the female. I highly recommended that you send your cat neutering as early as possible, probably around the age of 5 months or so. I once had a male cat of mine castrated and he was rather old at the time, about 7 years of age, that equals to about 45 years old in  human age. Anyway at that stage of his life, neutering did little to curb his spraying habit therefore you should neuter your cat, at a very early age to completely eradicate spraying behavior.


  • Decrease cat’s urine odour.

         Neutering can make an aggressive cat


  • Cat neutering helps to decrease aggression.Decrease aggression. – Cats especially stray male tom cats, which are known for its strong territorial behavior will be less aggressive after neutering. Bonding with them will be a lot more easier as neutering will almost always result in a mellow and docile behavior. Cat neutering really works, but you have to do it early to truly reap the benefits.

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