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 What to do when your cat is in heat

how to treat your cat at home

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As soon as you notice any one of the signs I mentioned above. Immediately do the following :

  1. Grab your cat and lock him or her in a cage.
  2. Next, get a decent sized cat carrier and place the cat in it.
  3. Finally, drive to the nearest vet and have your cat neutered.

This is as simple as it gets. If you already have the cat neutered, then by all means, let it continue to go about its business. Let the cats have a good time but remember, have your cat vaccinated as well to prevent disease. Anyway, cats have sexual urges too, so its unfair to stop them from committing what is actually, a natural habit that exist in most creatures on this planet. The most important thing is to prevent the cat from giving birth to more kittens, and to control the population by reducing the no of stray cats. There are just too many stray cats roaming the streets these days. Neuter your cat first, then just allow it go into heat naturally, let it mate to its heart content. What matters is that no unwanted kittens will come out of it. Neutering also has many health benefits that may help your cat live longer.

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