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Cat Behavior

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Cat in heat

When a cat in heat, there's no stopping it. Once the sexual urge kicks in, nothing and i really mean nothing, can stop the cat from fulfilling its lustful desire. You can try locking the cat in a cage, it may work but only momentarily. Upon release the cat will resume its noble mission: To attain satisfaction and 'cat orgasm' of epic proportions, populate the world with dozens of kittens, and cause severe headache to its owner. Both male and female are equally annoying when in heat...

Symptom of cat in heat

Female cat

  1. Lots of yowling.
  2. Throw herself on the floor and roll around seductively. Make the male cats go feeewittt.
  3. Spraying more than usual. They do this to attract the males.


Male cat

  1. Lots and I mean lots, of really high pitch yowls that are so irritating.
  2. Stalking a female cat it desires non-stop. The male cat will always, always be near the female it wants to screw, usually with a pervert kind of expression plastered on its face.
  3. You'll start notice that your house has becomes a strip bar for cats. There will be a lot of male cats hanging around your house. Every one of them wants to watch the female cat rolling seductively on the ground.
  4. Constant fights between the males to determine which one gets to do the 'opening act'.

How long does a cat stay in heat

 Female cats

For the female, the heat period will end once she is done mating with the male cats, or when all the male has had their turn. After a period of 9 weeks or so, she will  give birth, after which, she will spend another 8 to 10 weeks nursing her kittens. Once nursing period is over, it will take between 2 to 5 weeks before she goes into heat again, becomes pregnant and produce more little kittens. By now you should have more than enough to open a store selling kittens. Its a vicious cycle ok, so I highly recommend that you spay her unless of course, you really are planning to open a store selling kittens.

Male cats

Male cats in heat take slightly longer to subdue than females. After all, they can't get pregnant and they don't even bother taking care of the kittens. The males simply run and gun from one female to another. Once a male has finish doing his thing to all the females within his territory, he'll cool off for a while. The cooling off period takes anywhere between 18 to 24 weeks ( this is the total duration of the pregnancy and nursing period ). After cooling off period is over, he gets horny again and will start scouring his territory, looking to have a good time with a female that has completed her nursing and is in heat again. Male cats are basXXXds, aren't they? At least help bring some food for the kittens during the nursing period,  you wankers!!!

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