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stop cat peeing

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Ear cleaning do's and don'ts.





1.      Do use cotton balls or a few pieces of tissue.

2.      Do dampen the cotton balls or tissue with ear cleaner.

3.      Do clean out wax or dirt from the cat’s ear very gently.

4.      Do send the cat to the vet or use ear mites treatment if you happen to notice a large amount of dark brown substance in the cat’s ears.

5.   Do use veterinarian formulated ear cleanser. Even better if it contains aloe vera, we all know how gentle and safe it is. Try this cat ear cleanser, its got aloe vera and it does an excellent job of keeping my cats ears clean.




1.      Don't use a cotton bud. Injury would most likely happen, you might go too deep by accident.

2.       Don't clean beyond what you could actually see even if you’re using items that are considered safe, such as cotton balls or tissue.

3.       Don't simply pour the ear cleaner into the cat’s ear. Instead dampen the cotton balls or tissue with the cleaner first, then dab or wipe the cat’s ear gently.


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