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Cat Grooming

how to treat your cat at home

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A cat grooming itself silly.Cats spend a ridiculous amount of time grooming itself. I swear, sometimes I feel that if a cat were to stop licking itself for just one whole day, it will suffocate or something, like sharks do if they stop moving. Even a kitten at 7 weeks old, knows how to groom itself like a pro!. The body of a cat is highly flexible, combine that with body parts naturally made for grooming, and you got yourself a real efficient four legged, furry little, grooming machine. Although the cat can clean just fine on its own, using its saliva tongue, paws and claws, human assistance is still very much needed, especially if the cat has become too stinky or dirty. Grooming also provide many health benefits such as improving your cat’s blood circulation, decrease matting as well as reducing the chances of getting hairballs. Plus cats love to be groomed!                                                                                           




Cat Grooming Tool


There are all sorts of cat grooming tools out there and some of them looks downright weird! Like they belong in a science fiction movie. Anyway you may want to get a variety of combs and brushes depending on what type of cat you own. For instance, wide toothed comb or brush is more suitable for long hair type cats, while medium ones are more suited for short hair cats. Here's a basic cat grooming tip: Groom long haired cats daily because they are more susceptible to tangles, mating, and their coat pickup dust and dirt easily. As for short and medium haired cat, once or twice a week should be enough. In a nutshell, you wanna get the following cat grooming tools to make your job easier.


  1. Talcum powder. 

Grooming a short haired cat


Essential cat grooming tools



1.      Stroke your cat very gently to make it feel relax and comfortable. Next grab the Zoom Groom and gently brush the whole body. Ideally you should start at the base of the neck, and then work your way down to tail as well as both sides of the body. Please be extra careful on those sensitive parts like the tail, under the belly and groin.

2.      At this point a lot of dead hairs will start to come out, so get the medium toothed comb ready, so we can proceed to remove dandruff as well as some of those stubborn dead hairs.   

3.      Use the bristled brush for the final touch-ups. Finish the grooming process with a bang by sprinkling some talcum powder on the coat.

4.      Presto! Now you cat is all nice and sleek looking, ready to rock the house!



Grooming long haired cat


Essential cat grooming tools


  1. Talcum powder
  2. Wide toothed/comb brush.
  3. Zoom Groom.
  4. Medium toothed comb.


Basic cat grooming tip:

Grooming long haired cat can be a pain since they are prone to tangles and matting. You can easily solve this by applying some talcum powder to loosen the tangles, then simply straighten it with your hands.


1.       Begin by gently stroking your cat to make it feel relax. Next, use the wide toothed comb to untangle hair and knots. Ideally you should start at the base of the neck, and then work your way down to tail as well as both sides of the body. Please be extra careful when brushing the tail, under the belly and groin as these are sensitive parts. Use as much talcum powder as required for some of those hard to loose tangles as mentioned above.

2.      Now it is time to put the Zoom Groom into action. Proceed to brush as described above using firm but gentle strokes. The main purpose for this step is to make sure most dead hairs are removed accordingly. The Zoom Groom is capable of removing many dead hairs as well as dirt and dust from long haired cats very quickly.

3.      Finally for touch-ups, comb the cat again using the medium toothed comb. This time to make the coat look neat and tidy. Be sure to pay extra attention to the fur located around the neck and the tail.

4.      Ok your cat should look very grand by now and all set to make other cat owners green with envy!



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