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stop cat peeing

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Playful – Body hunched and the pelvis starts to shake, the tail swishing left and right, indicates that the cat is in a playful

mood. The cat must has seen something that it wants to play with and is preparing to pounce on it. Other signs of playfulness are.


  • Lightly biting and scratching the owner’s hands. This can be annoying sometimes especially when I’m trying to comb its fur, and I end up playing with the cat instead of grooming it J . Some of my friends who had never own a cat would always be surprised that I don’t feel pain, whenever they see me get bitten and scratched. I always tell them it doesn't hurt because the cat is being playful. Of course it would have a hurt a lot if the cat is biting you when its feeling angry. Even if its in a playful mood, you might want to be a little careful because your cat may occasionally get carried away when it’s having fun, and could bite down hard, ouch!


  • Jumping and bouncing around like a circus clown. If it is an indoor cat, be sure you keep an eye on it because you know how cats are when they get over excited. They'll start jumping on the table, closet, shelf, etc and may end up knocking down some valuable things, which can cause injury to the cat as well as your bank account. Especially if one of the things that got knock down, happens to be a crystal vase, ouch! 

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