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Cat Behavior Problems

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Gaining a timid cat’s trust is not hard if you follow the correct tactics. Patience is the key and plenty of delicious cat food will go a long way too. If your cat was happy and active suddenly becomes timid, you must find out the cause, what is it afraid of? Once you discover the cause, act accordingly to enable the cat to regain its confidence. Here are some points to help you determine the cause:


  1. A new person is brought into the household .It could be anybody, maybe a girlfriend, boyfriend, friend, relative etc. The cat never met this person before, it is not familiar with his or her scent thereby the cat becomes afraid. This is usually the case for cats that are naturally timid. Some cats are not afraid strangers but the ones that are timid by nature; needs a little more time to overcome its fear.
  2. A new cat is brought into the household. The new cat is probably more aggressive and you’re not aware that it is pummeling the existing cat daily.
  3. Persistent noise around your area. For example, a construction work happening near your home.
  4. If its an outdoor cat, could be due to kids in your neighborhood that are scaring the cat. My neighbor’s children used to stand outside the gate, and threw stones at my cats whenever they hang out in the garden. The brats finally quit throwing stones at them, after I pull out my revolver and threaten to put a bullet in their heads.....I'm just joking ok. I told the kids to knock it off and they obeyed. Anyway, two of my cats was traumatize and got easily scared even by the slightest noise. Took a couple of weeks for the cats to get back to normal again.
  5. If you found a stray cat/kitten and shows excessive fear towards you, it’s probably because it was abused by the previous owner or as stated in point no 1, the cat is not familiar with you , therefore you need to approach the cat slowly and gently.

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