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Brushing a cat's teeth.



When it comes to a cat's dental care, most owners tend look the other way because let's face it, brushing a cat's teeth is like trying to open a can of cat food without the can opener, plus it seems pointless right? As long as the cat breathes, eat, sleep and crap in the right place, that's all that matters right? Well, if you want your cat to have gum disease, stinky rotten breath and loss of teeth, you can go ahead and forget all this brushing your cat's teeth business. Otherwise, read the following to discover how easy and simple it is to brush your cat's teeth.


Essential Tools:


·        Toothpaste made specifically for cats. They come in a wide variety of cat food flavors and are totally safe for cats. You may purchase one at most pet stores.

Warning: Never use human toothpaste. It is not made for cats, duh!

·        A small finger toothbrush.



How to brush a cat's teeth


1.      Stroke your cat gently to make it feel nice and comfortable.

2.      Your cat should start to feel comfortable by now and purring endlessly. At this point you may start to stroke the mouth and the lips a little.

3.      Next, you may start to stroke the gums as well as the teeth several times, but be extremely gentle while you’re at it. Once done, give a little treat to your cat like a small piece of chicken or fish. By doing this, you will be able to condition your cat to associate pain ( brushing teeth ) with pleasure ( treat ). Repeat this process twice a' day for five straight days to make it work like a charm J. I discovered this method from reading Anthony Robbins 'awaken the giant within' book.  This associating pain with pleasure method was suppose to help me in my quest for self improvement, but it just didn't work out for me...But it really works on my cats though.

4.      Now is the time brush the cat’s teeth for real. If you have followed all the steps mentioned above to a tee, then there shouldn’t be any trouble. Put some toothpaste on the finger toothbrush and start brushing your cat’s teeth. Remember brush as gently as possible. Once done, always give some small treats to your cat such as Enzymatic ChewsThey are very soft and chewy which helps prevent plaque from forming, plus it can also keep your cat's teeth clean too!



In the event that the steps that I described above do not work and every single attempt was met with total resistance, then you may proceed with plan B. What is plan B you ask?

Send your cat to the vet to have its teeth cleaned. That ought to work...


Whichever method you choose, please do not totally ignore your cat’s dental care like most owners do. Experts recommend that you brush your cat's teeth at least once a day, but experts don't realize that you may have more than 5 cats at home, plus, you have other important things to worry about, including brushing your own teeth. So if you can't commit daily, then 3 to 4 times a week should suffice. Check your cat’s teeth and gums often and act accordingly if you notice anything peculiar. Cats with healthy gums and teeth will live longer and have a million cat food smile. Gumz-n-Teeth for Gum Disease.

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