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I bathe my cats like twice a year or once every 6 months.. This also depends on the situation, sometimes they might get dirty because they fell down the drain, in the mud or fought with other cats, so I’ll immediately direct them to the bathroom for a bathing session which is a what they dread the most. Now it is important that you not over do it, just stick to twice a year as bathing your cat too often, will make it sick not only physically but emotionally too. Bath your cat too often and it will start to associate you with pain ( bathing is a pain to them ), then it will fear you and eventually, the cat will run away for good. Bathing should be exposed to cat during kitten hood where it won’t object much, this allows the cat to get use to the idea of bathing because when it has grown up; objections may be harder to ignore.


Warning: Do not bathe cats that are excessively matted. Water will worsen the mat making it even more difficult to remove.





Essential Tools:


·        Cat Shampoo

·        Two or Three large Towels

·        Hair dryer ( Optional , my cats are terrified of it! )


1. Place your cat in a large basin or a sink. Ensure that cat feel relaxed by talking to it soothingly, then using a hose or a shower attachment, shower the cat with water. Gently massage the cat’s body while showering lukewarm water all over the cat’s body but be careful not to spray water directly into it’s face and ears.


2. Pour some shampoo on your palm and apply it to the cat by gently massaging the body. Again, please avoid the face particularly the eyes, ears and also genitals Give it a few scrubs at the spine, both sides of the body and underbelly.


3. Pickup the hose and start rinsing the cat. Slowly and gently squeeze the cat’s whole body including the tail to minimize excess water.


4. Remove the cat from the basin or the sink and start wrapping the cat in a large towel. Keep the towel wrap around the cat’s body while gently squeezing it as well, to ensure that the water is almost completely absorbed by the water. At this point, it is best to get another towel to wrap the cat’s body as the first one should already be soaking wet. Unless your cat is a rex, in which case a single large towel should be sufficient for the job.


You can also opt for a waterless bath for your cats. What is a waterless bath? Well its basically a bath foam that helps clean your cat without water. Just massage your cat with the foam for several minutes and your cat is all nice and clean. Really amazing stuff! You can check it out here: Waterless bath for cats.

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