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    Homepage of Bubu A useful resource for all cat lovers. Topics and tips on Cat nutrition. Cat grooming, Cat health care and Cat behavior.

  • Choosing a cat
    Webpage containing information for people who are planning on getting a cat. Some tips on choosing a cat, and questions a future cat owner should go through, before bringing a cat into the household.

  • Cat Health Care
    Free cat health care advice on. Featuring topics such as cat vaccination info, ilness symptoms, worms, neutering and several other ailments.

    • Cat neutering
      Basic information on benefits of cat neutering.

    • Sick cat symptoms
      Some useful tips on how to identify sick cat symptoms.

    • Cat worms
      Topics on variety of cat worms. Information on cat roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms and cat ring worms.

    • Cat fleas & cat ear mites
      Info on cat fleas and cat ear mites, picture of fleas on cat and also a picture of cat ear mites.

  • Cat Nutrition
    Information pack webpage pertaining to cat nutrition. Lots of useful tips and information on feeding a cat, kitten nutrition and nutrition for older cat.

    • Feeding a cat
      Information pack webpage on feeding a cat as well as feeding a stray cat tips and also cat nutrition info.

    • Sources of food
      More information on cat nutrition and sources of food.

    • Nutrition for special needs
      An abundance of useful information on special needs cat nutrition such as, nutrition for older cat, pregnant cat nutrition, nursing cat nutrition and also kitten nutrition.

  • Cat Grooming
    Lots of information on cat grooming tip, recommended cat grooming tool, cat grooming product, and grooming long haired cat.

    • Bathing a cat
      Cat grooming: Information on how to bathe a cat.

    • Brushing a cat's teeth
      Tips on brushing a cat's teeth. How to brush a cat's teeth, step by step guide. and a picture of cat's teeth.

  • Cat Behavior
    Information packed page regarding cat behavior, cat body language,

    • Cat in heat
      Information regarding cat in heat behavior, symptom of cat in heat. Includes some helpful tips on what to do when your cat is in heat and how long does a cat stay in heat.

    • Territorial behavior
      Information on a cat's territorial behavior.

    • Cat behavior problems
      Solutions to a few cat behavior problems.

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