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Bubu ( pronounced Boo-Boo ) is a website dedicated to all cat lovers around the globe. You are a cat lover aren't you? I reckon you're looking for some information or advice pertaining to of the most cutest animals in the world? Well, you have certainly come to the right place :) This site has a truck load of information, tips, and advice on nutrition, general health care, behavior, grooming, etc that I wish to share with you. I've 20 years experience with cats and at this moment, I'm living with a whopping 12 of them!  I really love cats, after 20 years of taking care of this annoying, headache inducing but cute and wonderful animals, it got me thinking if there's a way I could share all the things that I've seen, known and experienced, with other cat lovers too. And you know what? There's a way after all! Lo and behold the site that you see here before your eyes :) This site contains a huge amount of well researched advice, in other words: I'm offering you nothing but the best tips, and advice to make your cat happy and healthy at all times. 

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Cat Care Naturally is an ebook about how to choose a cat or kitten and how to care for it.

Here's some of the topics covered:

Choosing a cat or kitten
How to feed your new cat/kitten
How to care for a cat/kitten
Feeding a cat/kitten naturally
Natural health care for cats
Should I declaw my cat?




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Anyway, you see that little lady's photo at the top? The one smiling from ear to ear she like just won a year's supply of seafood platter in prawn jelly? Her name is Ciku ( pronounced Chee-kuu ). She was abandoned by her previous owner, I found her on the streets near my place. She was mewing her lungs out and she was practically afraid of anything that moves. Heck, she even hissed at me when I first approached her, but I brought her into my home anyway. Fast forward a couple of months later and look at her, she's a real happy camper now!  So I want provide you with tips and advice that could make your cat happy like just like Ms Ciku.


If you have any questions, problems or feedback concerning your cat, feel free to use the contact form on your left. Please tell me if there's a specific topic or advice concerning cats, that you would like to read on this site. Simply use the contact form and tell what you want to see. I'll do my best to oblige. Your feedback is much appreciated. Also, don't forget to bookmark this page because I'll be adding more content in the future. I have tons more excellent information, product recommendations, tips and advice that I wish to put up here. Please bookmark this page so you can have a peek at my site from time to time for any new information or tips.

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Ok, enough talk, let's browse. There are tons of info for your reading pleasure, you have an older cat and you wanna know the type of food is most appropriate for it? Your female cat is acting all funny, you think she's in heat but not exactly sure what the signs are? How the heck, do you put a stop to your cat's excessive spraying behavior? Your cat has worms, what product can you use for remedy, so that going to the vet is not necessary? It's all here ok. All you need to do know is grab a glass of water, a cup of coffee or can of Red Bull, relax and just browse around. Thank you for visiting my site. I sure hope that you find the information on this site useful, and hopefully they may help you solve a few problems or clear up any confusion that you may have about cats.

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